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Billy Idol


Dancing With Myself
Rebel Yell


Rebel Yell
Vital Idol


Flesh For Fantasy
Charmed Life


Rock The Cradle Of Love
Billy Idol

FEATURED: Saturday, April 1st, 2000
Billy Idol represents the bridge between punk rock and hard rock/metal, a logical enough connection that somehow seemed unlikely until he made the transition. Idol left Sussex University in 1976 to join the punk movement, specifically the group of rabid Sex Pistols fans called the Bromley Contingent. Many of the members formed their own bands, and Idol began Generation X with Tony James.

Generation X became a moderate success during the punk heyday of the late '70s, especially in England, with Idol on snarling lead vocals. When the band split in 1981, Idol went to New York and hooked up with manager Bill Aucoin (who had handled Kiss, among others). This resulted in Idol's grooming as more of a mainstream rock figure. His debut album, Billy Idol, came out in 1982 and spent two years on the charts as the result of such video hits as "White Wedding" and "Hot in the City." But it was Idol's second album, Rebel Yell, that was his big breakthrough, selling two million copies and spawning hits in the raucous title track and the ballad "Eyes without a Face." Idol followed it up with Whiplash Smile in 1986 and Charmed Life in 1990.

William Ruhlmann, All Music Guide

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